Kubernetes Pod LifeCycle

  • This scheduler looks for the healthy work node and kubelet will download all necessary container images and start creating the pod.
  • This pod will remain in the pending state until all resources are up and ready.
  • Once the scheduler finds the worker node to schedule, pods come into the running state.
  • In running state, Pod has been bound to a node, and all of the containers have been created.
  • If pods are terminated due to some reason, they may not get recreated if there are no controllers such as DEPLOYMENT’S or Replica set.
  • If the pod completes all of its tasks, it gets terminated and enters into the succeeded state.
  • Pods that are in a pending state, it goes into the failed state due to a typo in the image name or image version.
  • If the pod is in the unknown state, it means the pod’s status could not be obtained

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