Kubernetes Deployment

As you saw, we can manage the application with pods and replica set then why there is one more layer on top of a replica set.

So some of you might be wondering, why are we complicating things by adding a deployment layer on top of a replica set, and why can’t we just use a replica set in straight?

So whenever we deploy an application, there are a few things that need to consider:

All the above feature is provided by the deployment controller.

In real-time, all we have to create is deployment only, this will take care of the rest of creating and managing replica sets and Pods.

Deployment Feature:

Deployment Strategy

So there are multiple ways to deploy and upgrade applications and these are called deployment strategies.


Rolling Update

This deployment strategy will slowly roll out the newer version of an application by replacing the older versions one after the other until all the instances are successfully rolled out.



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